Tianda TDR300


Tianda TDR300 Race Ready Motorcycle

Rev It Up Tours is the sole distributor of the Tianda TDR300 motorcycle in Spain. We have worked with the factory over a 2 year period to develop this bike and it’s a great handling, nimble little machine, perfect for young and adult riders!
Tianda TDR300 Race Motorcycle
Why Choose Tianda
The TRD300 is designed to fill the gap in the market for an affordable race bike which acts as a feeder bike to moto3 and other classes or just a great affordable track bike!
It has been in development for around 2 years now by ex grand prix racers and expert chassis engineers, with 17” wheels, 279cc engine the Tianda TRD300 really grabs the riders attention. The premoto 4 championship idea is already in existence in Spain and is called the cuna cup and is sure to follow to the UK and Ireland in the near future, make sure you are part of it!



279cc 4 valve single cam, liquid cooled 6 speed
Only 100kg, very light compared to ninja, 390,aprilia etc.
17″ Wheels
Full aluminium frame and swingarm



Tianda TDR300 will come with standard white race fairings when bought as new.
Available for pick up in Cartagena, Spain, or contact us for delivery options.