About Us

Who We Are

We are a bunch of motorcycle enthusiast who love to share this amazing sport with as many people as we can. We strive to make sure every customer has a great experience, learns new things, and most importantly, has lots of fun!

We have a large fleet of brand new, track prepared motorcycles which we keep in tip top shape, including Yamaha R3’s, Yamaha R6’s, and Yamaha R1’s.

For our track days, we focus on providing you the best service, with the emphasis on you having fun and a good time!


A few words about

Our team

We have a highly experienced team of people, with many years of experience to help guide you to have a fun and safe experience.


Founder / Instructor
ex-250GP rider


Chief Mechanic / Instructor
ex-China SBK Champion


Admin / Instructor
300cc Racer